CHF is Solving Liquidity Issues for Small Caps

Volatile Trading on Small Volumes?

Your Company may suffer from illiquidity.

CHF Investor Relations has developed a successful and approved approach to support companies in the trading market - the Market Liquidity Program, more commonly referred to as market-making. Under the guidelines of Policy 3.4 of the TSX Venture Exchange all the rules and regulations around keeping an orderly market are articulated and aim to improve the volumes and reduce the volatility of issuers’ shares.

Two of CHF’s three partners spent many years in both retail brokerage and trading sectors of the stock market. The firm’s comfort with the rules and regulations derived from decades of expertise enabled this solution to clients’ liquidity challenges.


Essential Mandate

  • The Exchanges refer to “market-making” as an essential part of every Issuer’s mandate. While TSX Venture Policy 3.4 goes a long way in recognizing the challenges of illiquid listed securities, there are few sanctioned avenues for “market-making” intervention.


Market-Making done within the Rules

  • Developed in close consultation with regulators, effective liquidity programs have been conducted since 2002, handled by CHF partner D’Arcy Funfer, from his office in Calgary. To adhere to rules and regulations, market-making trading accounts are set up with an initial deposit from a supportive third party and not from the Issuer’s treasury.


Market-Making Goals

  • CHF’s Market Liquidity Program was set up to help client companies with the many issues linked to daily trading activity. The three areas that are most critical to Issuers day-to-day trading are:
  1. Liquidity;
  2. Imbalance of Orders; and
  3. Keeping an Orderly Market.


Sign up for Market-Making with CHF and get Bonus IR Representation

  • CHF’s Communications Department is the liaison for Market-Making clients and is available to support the IR Manager and existing IR consultants whenever possible.

√ Director of Communications oversight

√ Former trader, CHF’s Chairman & COO, D’Arcy Funfer manages Market-Making; trades via Macquarie Private Wealth

√ Client Company page on

it is arguably the best client-focused IR website in Canada. To further attract attention to our website, and to our clients, we write an eNewsletter, CHF Spotlight, that is sent to about 10,000 brokers in Canada monthly that highlights four CHF clients per issue

√ Web 2.0 services cover CHF’s social media channels


  • C$3,000 fees paid monthly; discounts available for payment packages
  • Small stock option (negotiable)


CHF is the only Canadian IR firm to provide Market-Making services to clients




Director of Communications - Julia Clark—416.868.1079 x236,


Chairman & COO - D’Arcy Funfer—403.410.6221,

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